One gallon of date-rape drug equals arrest

4:58 PM, Jun 4, 2008   |    comments
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That's what Denver Realtor Brian Furer will have to tell Denver Police and the Denver district attorney.   

Furer was arrested Friday after receiving a delivery of the one gallon of GHB. 

The person who delivered it was a Denver Police Narcotics Detective.  

A confidential informant told police Furer was expecting the gallon of GHB, which is an illegal drug used for muscle building and is also known as the date-rape drug and a party drug.  

The Narcotics Interdiction Unit intercepted the package and the Denver detective delivered it to Furer's home.  

According to court documents, Furer accepted it.  

He's been charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and importation of an illegal drug.  

Furer has a Web page which says he sells property in Colorado and Florida.  

9NEWS verified that he sells real estate in Colorado.  

Bond is set for $250,000 for Furer.  

Furer's next court appearance is Friday.

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