Disney considers wristbands to help theme-park lines

2:06 PM, Jan 8, 2013   |    comments
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Some Disney resort guests have been bypassing the traditional turnstiles and instead of a paper ticket, they're using an ID card that simply help up to a touch point for park admission. 

"We love it," Clint Gault, a park guest, said. "It's very convenient and quick. With a 3-year-old, a 1-year-old and one on the way in April, every little bit of assistance we can get to make life easier - we need it."

In the coming months, the cards will be replaced with Magic Bands. They are wristbands that contain a guest's ID number, which is linked to their credit card and whatever the guests provide. It becomes their key not only for park admission, but to enter their hotel and even for purchasing food and souvenirs.

"Rather than having to constantly dig through their pockets for their piece of paper or that piece of paper or this card or that card, it's all very simply right on their wrist, and every family member can have one," Nick Franklin, Disney spokesperson, said.

The Magic Bands are part of a bigger technology rollout called My Magic Plus. It includes a new My Disney Experience website and smartphone app where guests can manage their entire Disney vacation.

As for concerns the new system is a little too Big Brother, Disney admits it will provide the park with more information regarding guests' preferences, but they say the focus is on improving the guests' experience and all of the data is secure.

"All of the information itself is secured in very secure data services with full encryption, and all the other things that you would want for your personal data," Franklin said.

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