Father's ashes stolen with truck in Lakewood

11:24 PM, Nov 21, 2012   |    comments
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"He was always there for us," his son Tony said. "All I can remember is him being there for us, our whole family."

The father and son shared a first name and a love for working on a 2002 pickup truck. The two purchased tools to work on the truck and spent hours fixing it up.

"It is really a memory of that we'll share and always have, but there are a lot of memories and things with that vehicle," Tony said.

Two years ago their lives changed. Tony's father was diagnosed with colon cancer.

"Two years ago is actually when I went to the VA hospital with him, and I kind of was there for him as he was for me my entire life," Tony said.

His father eventually lost his battle with cancer.

"After my dad passed away, [he] was cremated. About a year ago, [my mom] sent me some ashes in a little box."

Tony wanted more than anything to keep the memory of his father close, so he decided to keep the small wooden box containing his ashes on the front seat of the pickup truck they had worked together to fix.

"It was a way for him to kind of be with me all the time and just kind of bee a part of everything that I do," he remarked.

On Nov. 16, Tony and some friends went to a bar in Lakewood to listen to music. Tony drove the pickup truck to the bar that night.

"I put my keys kind of behind the DJ booth," he said. "There is a bar right there and put my keys there. I wasn't going to drive that night because I had a few drinks."

Tony says an employee of the bar saw the keys and was going to put them in a safe place when two men approached the employee. They claimed the keys belonged to them and took them.

In a matter of minutes the pickup truck and his father's ashes were gone.

"I knew right there that it was the kind of thing that kind of left my life and it was sad," Tony said.

The truck also contained the tools that Tony and his father had worked on the truck with.

The truck is described as a 2002 grey Dodge Ram 1500 pickup, with Colorado license plate numbers 643-SZP. Anyone with information about the location of this vehicle should contact the Lakewood Police Department.

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