Get Me a Job: Do not sabotage your search

6:59 AM, May 25, 2011   |    comments
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Hudson is the founder of a site that gets job seekers and employers connected.

Hudson also works with job seekers in workshops, and he came up with the phrase 'stinkin thinkin' as a way to describe negative self talk.

"When you're sending out resumes, you're not hearing back, or you get to an interview but you don't get the job, it can be very self deflating. But what you've got to avoid is those little voices in your head that start telling you, 'Gosh, I'm under qualified, I'm over qualified, I'm too old, I'm too young," Hudson said. "When I meet with job seekers, so often they tell me all of these things that is preventing them from getting a job. And I ask, 'Well who told you that?' 'Well, no one told me that, but I didn't get the job so that's got to be it."

Hudson said that self-doubt kills your motivation and your ultimate focus of landing that next job and in a job hunt, what you lack in a paycheck you need in motivation.

"We cannot get away from that level of confidence that we need in our job search. Back in the day, you used to have one resume that you would send out to everybody. Today, looking for a job requires a whole different set of skills. One of the myths in job seeking - or one of the myths in your career - is that your job lasts forever. It doesn't," Hudson said. "You always have to keep up to date on the skills that it takes to look for a job.

"There is power and control that you have as a job seeker. The two major touch points are your resume, and also answering that question that is so difficult for every body: 'Can you tell me about yourself?' Hudson said. "Being able to actually answer that question requires some practice; it requires some really good thought because it's your first opportunity to really start to sell yourself as a job seeker."

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