Get Me a Job: Learn from these success stories

10:36 AM, May 23, 2011   |    comments
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Not too long ago Andrew Kollath and Shreve Roberts were in the same place many other people were in. They both lost their job, unemployed for a while, met with a career coach and now are back in the workforce.

"I remember it very clearly when my husband answered the phone and I said, 'I just got laid off.' Roberts said.

Roberts said she completely understand the fear and frustration that people feel when they faces a layoff and unemployment.

"If it's your first time at the rodeo, you are lost," Roberts said. "You do not know which way is up, or where to start. You are thinking about how you are going to get food on the table."

Today, Roberts is an account manager with the Creative Group; a job placement agency.

Roberts' advice for those who are looking for a job: never turn down an opportunity that could hold the possibility of leading to a paycheck.

"You have got to take what comes your way, you have to," Roberts said. "Because something, when you least expect it, something will present itself."

Kollath, who is now a hiring manager for Comcast, echoes that advice.

"Make sure you are communicating with everyone you know who could get you a contact," Kollath said. "You never know where those resources are going to come from.

"So much of our identity is defined by what we do," Kollath said. "When someone loses a job, it is like you're losing a piece of who you are. I was laid off February 2010; I was unemployed six months to the day."

Looking back, Kollath knows he was fortunate. He says six months is not that long of a time to be unemployed compared to those who have been without a job for two to three times that length. Kollath says looking back his approach was a common one, and one that typically does not work.

"I went in with specific expectations. I expected I would get a job in a month, two months, three months at the tops. It never occurred to me it would take six months," Kollath said. "I was very focused on one area and one method of looking for a job. I did what everybody does and I applied online. Now, in the position I'm currently in, we get thousands resumes and e-mails for every job that is available and as the hiring manager, I only see 10 of them. [The resumes] have already gone through screeners and human resources before they get to me. So I was very limited in my approach."

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