Where In The Town: Ensign Energy drilling

4:15 PM, Oct 2, 2011   |    comments
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"Twenty-five people are directly employed on any given rig, so we have about 25 employees at [the La Salle] location," The Vice President of Marketing for Ensign Energy Services, Will Matthews said.

There are about 40,00 oil wells right now in the state of Colorado.

"We are a drilling contractor, so we work for operators that have leased property and want to drill wells. In our case, here in Colorado, we operate 18 different drilling rigs. Here in the U.S. combined, 115 drilling rigs," he said.

Technology has taken an important role in the advancement of oil drilling in the country and around the state.

"This is one of these industries that has really evolved. For the public, we want to be good neighbors out there," Matthews said. "It's about being quieter and developing more opportunities generating energy for the country and doing a safer, quieter, better job."

But the industry itself is a controversial one. Critics say the rigs are going up too fast and in more locations than necessary.

"When looking at any type of new exploration, you want to do it being a 'good neighbor' and that's what we do as an industry. What we are doing here at this location used to take 10 or 12 locations so we've really reduced the amount of space it takes to do this, making a smaller footprint," he said.

Ensign doesn't handle the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) part of the drilling process, but hydraulic fracking fluids used by the oil and gas industry have come under fire because of the potential harmful effects to the environment and humans. Critics maintain that fracking fluids - which can contain potentially toxic chemicals - are a risk to groundwater. Colorado plans to have a regulation in place by the end of the year requiring disclosure of the ingredients in hydraulic fracking fluids used by the oil and gas industry.

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