Where in the Town: Signlanguage

5:30 PM, Feb 11, 2012   |    comments
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The answer is five; and four of them are life-sized cut-outs.

Signlanguage, which started in 2008, is the digital-printing company responsible for all those previously-mentioned Greggs. This Denver-based company specializes in point-of-purchase retail, outdoor advertising and advertising for venues and events.

Their massive billboards are seen all over Denver and across the country on buildings, bus shelters, highways and many other places.

"One-hundred by two-hundred feet is not uncommon for a wallscape that we would do [in] downtown New York, L.A., just everywhere," Chief Operations Officer Jeff Shumaker said.

Signlanguage's work in Denver can be seen on many billboards and buildings throughout Denver. They have made some of the ads that hang on the Performing Arts Center and some billboards for major retailers. The Share in the Care Colorado sign that now hangs on the Capitol building was also their work.

Even though signs are printed on printers that would not fit on your average desktop, much of the detail work is done by hand with sewing machines.

"The detail that is specified by the companies that are going to post [the signs] requires us to have this type of hands-on reinforcement to ensure there is not an issue with safety," Shumaker said.

Signlanguages's parent company is Radius Media Holdings.

Tim Brown, one of the owners of Signlanguage, says it's the staff that makes the business so successful.

"Everbody here believes in what we do and it makes it fun to come to work," Brown said.

For more information on Signlanguage and Radius Media Holdings, visit http://www.radiusmediaholdings.com/home/index.html.



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