Ever wonder what the Broncos eat?

8:30 AM, Sep 20, 2011   |    comments
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"I figured during training camp, we go through 8,000 pounds a week," said Bryan Snyder, the Broncos Nutritionist.

"As soon as the Broncos go off the field, we go big," adds Chef Carlos.

Everyday while players practice, Tony Rosacci's Catering takes over the small kitchen at Dove Valley, and puts a well thought out plan into motion.

"I write all the menus for all the meals we have here during training camp, all the camps that we have," says Brian. "We basically do three meals a day from July all the way through the end of the season."

Brian Snyder is one of only three full time nutritionists in the NFL and he does much more than plan every meal at home and on the road.

"I work one on one with players gaining weight, losing weight, manage the catering company that we have here, and perform body compositions on the players to make sure they aren't losing weight muscle mass."

It's tough to imagine a weight program associated with so much food, but the two go hand in hand.

"(Players) come to me and say, 'I'm five or six pounds over, or I'm 10 pounds underweight, what can I do?' At that point we focus on making sure they are getting enough calories and the timing of their calories," says the University of Northern Colorado grad.

Whether a player needs to gain, maintain or lose weight, Brian uses a three step process. He pushes antioxidants first, followed by carbohydrates, and then varying degrees of lean proteins. There's a lot to choose from at each step.

"We want to give them as many options as possible," says Bryan. "There's healthy options for guys who want to eat healthier and there's not-so-healthy options for guys who aren't so concerned about their weight."

The players love options, but they also enjoy a few staples.

"Burgers, brats, turkey burgers, those are always popular," Bryan smiles. "Anytime we do fried chicken or BBQ chicken it's always a hit too."

With so many mouths to feed, it should come as no surprise that players try to sneak in a request or two for their favorites.

"I'm sure they all have requests, but I tell them to get with their team captains. If their captains come to me, like if Champ comes to me and says hey can we do this, then obviously we'll incorporate that info the menu."

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