Broncos tight end arrested on harassment charge

9:11 PM, Sep 7, 2009   |    comments
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Richard Quinn is being held without bond until he can see the judge on Tuesday.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department said Quinn was arrested early Monday afternoon after a woman called 911. The woman told deputies that her live-in boyfriend, Quinn, grabbed and shook her to the ground during an argument and grabbed the phone from her while she was trying to dial 911.

The 22-year-old woman told deputies that Quinn also grabbed her cell phone. She says she ran to another house to call police.

Deputies say Quinn told them he grabbed the woman only after she started hitting him in the face, but had no visible marks on his face.

"This is a very unfortunate personal situation, but I'm extremely proud of the way Richard handled it," Peter Schaffer, Quinn's lawyer and agent, told The Associated Press on Monday night. "Richard defused what could have been an explosive situation given that their 1-year-old was in the apartment."

Schaffer said his client never struck his girlfriend, whom he said was distraught and "out of control." He said Quinn "went and locked himself and their 1-year-old daughter in the bedroom to get away from her."

"He never attacked her, never hit her," Schaffer said. "He did everything he and every other NFL rookie is taught in their symposiums. He never laid a hand on her or physically abused her or anything like that."

Schaffer didn't describe how the confrontation escalated, however.

"When all the facts come out, people will see that Richard did nothing legally wrong," Schaffer said. "His No. 1 concern right now is for the welfare of his daughter and to make sure there's no negative light put on the Denver Broncos organization or his family."

The Broncos traded into the second round for Quinn during the 2009 draft. He is a tight end out of North Carolina.

He is listed third on the depth chart behind Daniel Graham and Tony Scheffler.

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