Workout Diary - 1/2/12-1/8/12 (Orange Theory Fitness)

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Orange Theory Fitness
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Perhaps you've noticed our beautiful new couch and chairs set we are using from 7:30-9 a.m. each weekday morning.  It's a gorgeous but cumbersome set up, and it has to stay put while we are using it. 

So, instead of opting to perform situps on the couch each week, we have decided to end Wargin's Workouts after a 5 year run.    

I'm a little sad.  However, if you know me, you know there isn't much that stops me from raising my heart rate.  So I'm starting something new:  posting a weekly workout diary that will include my personal workouts, visits to clubs and performance facilities, as well as any other anecdotes I think are interesting in regards to exercise, nutrition, and balancing life.

I'm open to suggestions on where I should go for "special" workouts and will pass along my experiences in the diary.  I'm excited to add some different cross training into my "swim, bike, run" routine.

While the diary holds me accountable to some extent, I really want it to be for you.  I love to see and hear about people achieving healthier lifestyles, especially when I have done something that may have pushed them in that direction.  Please tell me what you like, don't like and if something was helpful.  You can Email me or send a message through Facebook or Twitter.

Here it goes:

Monday, 1/2/12:  Rest Day :)  Great way to start the New Year huh?  I have an excuse:  I raced a 5K in Breckenridge on New Year's Day and pushed pretty hard.  I was the 9th overall female finisher and reached my goal of wanted to be in the top 10.  Yeah for me.  The rest day was more out of necessity than any type of soreness from the race.  We came home from Breck that morning and spent the rest of the day at Broncos HQ.  Sometimes it's impossible to fit in workouts with busy schedules, but I always keep in mind rest days can be just as beneficial for our bodies when we exercise frequently.  They need recovery time.

Tuesday, 1/3/12:  Yoga.  I toyed with an afternoon bike ride today, but the sun never came out and it just seemed like a good yoga day.  Plus I'm trying to stretch out and heal up a tight right calf and sore arch so this was good.  I have a great DVD I do at home from Brian Kest called Power Yoga.  It has 3 workouts, each one is 50 minutes long.  I do this once a week and have seen a huge difference in my flexibility.   I also visited my chiropractor for some ART on my calf and foot.  ART stands for Active Release Techniques and makes a world of difference for me.

Wednesday, 1/4/12:  Swim.  It's been a while since I've been in the pool and it's time I start going more. Swimming is very boring and slow for me, but it's such a killer non-impact workout.  I swam 2200 yards after a session of acupuncture and felt really good afterwards.  

Thursday, 1/5/12:  Bike!  What a gorgeous day - mid 60's and no wind.  I haven't rode in still conditions for what seems like months.  I took a trek around Chatfield - round trip from my house it's 35 miles.  I caught a little patch of ice on the bike trail next to C470 by Santa Fe which was a bummer.  I was going super slow but my front tire wandered off the skinny line of exposed concrete and I was hosed.  Thankfully I unclipped pretty quick and didn't go down, but it was close.  A guy riding behind me stopped to make sure I was ok and thanked me for going so slow because he said he would have barreled through and probably crashed.  Always use caution biking in the winter!

Friday, 1/6/12:  Orange Theory Fitness (see pic above).  This is a brand new facility in Highlands Ranch and I had a blast taking a class.  When you walk in, the staff greets you warmly and sets you up with a heart rate monitor.  During the entire hour you (and the instructor) can monitor your heart rate on a big screen TV. The instructor for this class was fantastic - she orchestrated 24 people between bikes, weights and a rowing machine and the hour flew by.  If you're looking to spice up your routine, this is a fun and educational option - be prepared to sweat, I was dripping! 

Saturday, 1/7/12:  Walk.  After my class at OTF on Friday, I received a deep tissue massage and my calf was really sore on Saturday (I requested my massage therapist dig into it and she did).  I opted for a semi-day off and just took a walk, in the snow, for 2 miles.  I wanted to run, but more important than burning calories right now is the need to get my calf loosened up so I can start training for the Boston Marathon.  Best to rest now - there won't be a good time later!

Sunday, 1/8/12:  Swim.  I can't remember the last time I swam twice in one week but I cranked out 2200 yards prior to the Broncos game.  I think a lot when I swim - which is probably why my stroke is so bad, I'm daydreaming.  I decided to make a pact with myself this coming week to stay low impact and do lots of stretching and get my calf loosened.  I wish I had a machine I could stick my lower leg into that would knead it while I'm at work.  Maybe I'll invent one and sell it in the SkyMall mag :)  I tried to do some type of stretching during the commercial breaks of the Broncos game.  Worked pretty well for the first three quarters, but during the 4th I was too nervous to sit and stretch!

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