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Workout Diary 1/16/12-1/21/12 (5280 Fit)

8:57 PM, Jan 24, 2012   |    comments
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KUSA - Week 3 of 2012. The week of a healing calf, a cop and core. Some longer entries this time but Thursday "demanded" length. Keep the comments and recommendations coming!  Email me or post a message through Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, 1/16/12: "Yoga Monday" (50 minutes). It felt great after that long bike ride yesterday. The kids were off school today and I also took the day off, so I woke up early and did a DVD session before anyone else was awake. I love taking care of a workout while the family is sleeping. Then I'm done and can spend the rest of the day being a mom, wife and professional "picker-upper" around the house (at least that burns some calories right?).

Tuesday, 1/17/12: Swim (2300 yards). It was very chilly today and I really dislike getting in the pool on cold days because of the initial shock to the body. Thankfully it only takes about one lap for that feeling to go away. I'm not complaining about the water temperature: I almost always get my laps in at the Centennial 24 Hour Fitness, and when they built the club, they closed down the Cotton Creek location that was very well attended by senior citizens. So they keep the Centennial pool at a fairly warm temp so the seniors stay happy. Keeps this over-40 citizen very happy too!

Wednesday, 1/18/12: Walk/Abs/Rest. Today was weird. I had to travel to the Springs for a lunch talk with the host cities of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. After that, I took our puppy into the vet. By the time that was done, the afternoon was fading before the kids came home and activity central started. So I opted for a quick mile walk with the pup and 20 minutes of a core workout on the BOSU (I followed a DVD). It was kind of a rest day but I still feel like I did "something". I also received some treatment on my calf and back from my chiropractor that evening while the kids were in activities (multi-tasking at all moments!). Some people have asked about my chiro - she is amazing and isn't all about "cracking" - her ART technique works wonders and she's incredibly strong: Dr. Kayla Bennett at New Heights Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Highlands Ranch

Thursday, 1/19/12: Bike (30 miles). Great ride except for two things: the road I really wanted to ride still isn't open (Hess Road) and I was pulled over. No joke. Here's the scenario: I'm riding east on Ridgegate by Skyridge Hospital. I go under I-25 and look at the traffic coming off I-25. A truck slows down for me so I can slide over to the right and get in the bike lane. I wave, nice driver. Next, I see two officers standing in the median with radar guns and one is yelling. I thought he was screaming at a car, but he was looking at me. It went down like this:
Cop (bellowing) "You need to stop! "
Me: "Me?"
Cop (like I'm 5 years old): "Yes YOU!"
I stop. The other officer stops traffic so his partner can cross the road.
Cop: "Did you see what you almost caused back there?"
Me: "Me?"
Cop: "Yes, YOU! You almost caused an accident when you cut off that truck."
Me (in disbelief): "I didn't cut off the truck, he waited for me to get over and that's why I waved at him."
Cop: "Well, you went over the solid line. You have to wait until the dashed line just like cars. I could give you a ticket you know." (he was right on all accounts)
Me: "I'm sorry, but he was letting me come over, so I did."
Cop (acting a little tougher than he really needed to): "I don't want to give you a ticket but I could."
Me: "Well, I appreciate that you aren't."
Cop: "Just remember next time. You have to follow the same rules as cars"
Me: "OK, I will... what's your name?"
Cop: "Officer _______ "
Me (extended hand): "Susie Wargin, 9News, nice to meet you."
Cop (guard instantly goes down): "Cool, nice to meet you."

Like I said, he was right about what I did. However when I'm on my bike in between two lanes of traffic and a car is basically motioning me over so I can get in a bike lane, I take advantage. I didn't feel like I needed to be talked to the way he talked to me which is why I introduced myself. I'm on a bike, not robbing a bank. OK, I'm done. Best to stop before I get in trouble. My ride was awesome after this.

Friday, 1/20/12: VERT at 5280Fit in Centennial. I thought I was taking a day off, but the stars aligned when a fellow dance mom took our daughter BOTH ways to dance (holla!). I was able visit 5280Fit and go through a 13 circuit workout with Julius and his killer VERT class. Check out the attached video to see one of the two VERT machines used in class - very cool. The circuit exercises were varied and used box jumps, TRX bands, light dumbbells, Kettlebells and oversized rubber bands. It was very well put together and I came away with a nice sweat and a burning core. Thanks Sonja & Julius for the opportunity!

Saturday, 1/21/12: Race: Frosty's Frozen 5 & 10. Super fun and flat race along the Platte starting from Hudson Gardens. My calf felt really good so I ran the 5 mile at a decent race pace (7:45/mile) and finished with a time of 38:43. I took 5th in my age group (out of 62), was the 33rd woman and 94th overall (out of 714). I met a bunch of my new Runner's Roost teammates and a few other new friends. It was a great morning!

Sunday, 1/22/12: Swim (2400 yards). I woke up a little sore today from yesterday's race. I've found the secret to curing soreness for me is a swim. It's very tough sometimes to muster up the energy, but every time I'm glad I did. I felt stronger in the pool today and can tell my swimming is coming back - I timed myself for a 300 yard swim and was 15 seconds faster than last week. I like that action.

There's my week.. how was yours?

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