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Workout Diary 1/23/12 - 1/29/12 (BodyLab Fitness)

4:20 PM, Jan 31, 2012   |    comments
I made it through three rounds of the circuit and was on a 4th when the 30 minutes were up.
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Monday, 1/23/12: Day Off. I had a lot of catching up to do that didn't get done over the weekend and I wanted to rest my calf. Plus I attended the grand opening of the new Colorado Ski & Sport by Park Meadows Mall tonight and didn't want to get ready "all over again" (refer to Week 1)

Tuesday, 1/24/12: Swim (2400 yards) Great afternoon in the pool. My swim is getting stronger and I can tell my calf is healing, but it's not 100%. I also visited the chiro for my weekly session of ART. Painful as usual, but not nearly as painful as previous weeks - yeah!

Wednesday, 1/25/12: BodyLab Fitness. #OMG. BodyLab was recommended to me by a wonderful sweet woman in our sales office. How she survives going to this place on a regular basis amazes me. BodyLab is tucked in on Broadway between 1st & 2nd in Denver, the maximum in a session are six people, and classes are only 30 minutes long. Only 30 minutes of continuous quad crushing, core crunching and upper body pumping via a circuit of just about anything and everything: heavy ropes, medicine balls, pulleys, dumbbells, etc. It was intense, but fun: there was a live (yes live) DJ spinning killer beats and owner Matt Damico threw out constant encouragement and corrected poor form. I was dripping sweat within the first 5 minutes and after one round was very glad I wasn't the girl with her head out the front door. I made it through three rounds of the circuit and was on a 4th when the 30 minutes were up. While I cooled down on a treadmill, I watched in awe as Matt and the other participants downed a shot of Tequila. Yes, tequila. (I had to go back to work for a meeting so I refrained). Here's the scoop from Matt behind the occasional post-workout shots:

"It's not something we do every day with every group or every week, it's really more when the mood strikes me - when a certain group of clients are together it can be fitting and fun. The BodyLab is sort of a contradiction in many ways. Our clients love our incredibly intense workouts, daily nutritional monitoring, weekly weigh-ins, monthly body fat and fitness tests, but what they also appreciate is the levity we're able to bring to the table. It's a not a place to be politically correct, and they love that, because they're otherwise under such microscopes in their daily lives that the BodyLab gives them the opportunity to cut loose, screw around a little and just act like general goof balls without fear of judgment or retribution . Clients demand amazing workouts and accurate nutritional coaching but not at the expense of a fun atmosphere. They want to be entertained!"

Consider me entertained today Matt and thanks for the workout.

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Thursday, 1/26/12: Ski (Clarify: Kid Skiing) I expected to be sore today from the BodyLab workout and I was, but not too bad. I took the kids out of school in the afternoon and we hightailed up to Winter Park for our first day of skiing this season. I figured a little quad work on the hills would help flush them out a bit. We had a fun couple hours hitting some tree trails, Rail Yard and the groomers. It was the perfect amount of time for everyone just getting their "ski legs" back.

Friday, 1/27/12: Walk (2 miles). It's amazing I was able to walk in this afternoon because when I woke up this morning I couldn't. The old "48 hour" lactic acid rule went into full effect and honest-to-God I limped from bed, to bathroom, to shower and thought "What the heck? I thought my quads were in decent shape!" Obviously whatever part of my legs I used at BodyLab on Wednesday, I don't use to run, bike or swim. I can't remember the last time I was this sore. I emceed a luncheon for the West Jeffco Chamber today and grimaced every time I went up and down the stairs to the stage. Not so entertained today Matt but at least the puppy was happy with my walk :)

Saturday, 1/28/12: Run (8 miles). OK, today was better and I started my training program for the Boston Marathon with a Runner's Edge of the Rockies group run. We met off Colorado & Yale, picked our pace group and I trotted along with some great new people that I'll be running with on many Saturday's between now and April 16th. The quads were improving (suddenly my calf seems better, I'm sure it's not but the soreness is taking over every pain sensory in my brain). Running flat felt fine but any kind of incline or decline reminded me of Wednesday. Dang.

Sunday, 1/29/12: Bike (38 miles). I had a fantastic business meeting with my brother for 38 miles through Douglas County today. We mapped out our base route for this year's Wacky W bike ride and made a slew of decisions. The wind gave us a great workout (along with some hills) and even though I can feel my legs coming back, they were toast by the end of our ride. Biking for us is like golfing to others... a few hours in the saddle took care of umpteen phone calls and texts about our event. I highly recommend meetings like this!

There's my week.. how was yours? 
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