Workout Diary 1/30/12 - 2/5/12 (30 Days of Abs Challenge)

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Monday 1/30: Yoga & Run (3 miles). I was STILL a sore from the BodyLab workout but didn't really know it until I ran. My left quad squawked at me so I followed up the run with some easy yoga from my DVD. I realized later I probably should have taken today off after the my 8 mile run Saturday and 38 miles on the bike yesterday. Whoops.

Tuesday 1/31: Nothing. Man I was grumpy today. My body just didn't feel 100% and I'm starting to get nervous about Boston. I've found that happens when training for a big event - any little thing that comes up can bring on instant panic about being able to do the event. Especially when the entry fee is $300 and it's non-refundable. Yeah I was grumpy. Paid a visit to my chiro and left feeling a little better. Thank God. Apologies to my family today.

Wednesday 2/1: Walk (6 miles) and Abs Challenge. Felt a million times better today than yesterday both physically and mentally. My good girlfriend Maureen and I walked for 6 miles on the Bluffs in Lone Tree. We hadn't walked in months and just had a blast. I like to workout alone, but it's also fun to hook up with a friend or a group because time and miles just fly by. Plus the laughs are good for the core.

As for the Abs Challenge - this is my special workout for this week but it's actually for the entire month. Stephanie Enriquez from Train with Stephanie does a 30 Days of Abs Challenge every month. This is a great deal. For just $15 she sends you the exercises and schedule for the month. There is only one exercise each day, but it has to be performed to exhaustion. She sends a reminder email each morning and after completing the exercise, you email her back with the number of reps.  There's prize money at the end of the month in a variety of categories. Today's exercise was Crunches. I did 160 which I thought was pretty good... until she emailed an update and someone cranked out 600+. Really? I have work to do.

Thursday 2/2: Swim (2300 yards) & Abs. I emceed a luncheon today and had an acupuncture appointment at Whole Health Center (Stephanie is fantastic). By the time I got home the weather was starting to change. They say big snow is coming. My husband was home and told me to go get a swim because I might not be able to for a couple days. I went back and forth trying to decide and he urged me to go (I think he remembered Grumpy Susie from Tuesday). I went and was glad I did. Let it snow. Abs Challenge: Bicycles - I was done at 70 reps

Friday 2/3: Shovel (yes I consider this exercise), Abs Challenge & Massage. I LOVE to shovel. Mike LOVES that I love to shovel. It's my way of getting a workout especially on a day when I really couldn't leave the house. Mike typically gets the first early morning layer off the back porch so the dog can get around, but I do the rest. It snowed a ton today and there was plenty of shoveling to do. I work it pretty hard with a lot of squatting/knee bending (watch the back!) and I get a good sweat going. I have a little contest (in my head) with any neighbor guys that happen to be out at the same time: I try to finish before them, even if they've started before me. Usually I do. I think I might have a competition problem.  Abs Challenge: Side Plank - these were tough, only got through 20.

Massage: This is one of those luxuries Mike and I afford ourselves every four weeks. We've had Laura Fusco come to our house for years after a referral from a former Bronco. She still massages current players and is very reasonable (less than most studios). She has unreal hands. If you like fluff massages, she's not your gal. If you want a massage that digs in and makes you feel better, give her a call (720-327-3653) or check her out on Facebook.

Saturday 2/4: Bike trainer (1 hour, 15 minutes) and Shovel: I finally broke down and put my bike on the indoor trainer in my basement. Kept my heart rate in Zone 2 and worked up a nice sweat before anyone was out of bed. Caught up on my Scrabble moves with all my family members at the same time. After breakfast, more shoveling... will it ever stop snowing today? I forgot to do my Abs Challenge. I see the prize money fading.

Sunday 2/5: Run (10 miles) & Abs. The Runners Edge of the Rockies group runs are typically on Saturdays but because of yesterday's weather, Coach David moved the run to today and scouted one of the only cleared spots in town. We hit the Cherry Creek Trail from REI in LoDo in 14 degree weather... it was awesome. My calf felt really good. Tiny bit of tightness but nothing like it had been. Big confidence boost for Boston today. Abs Challenge: Side jackknives - did 60.

Bring on the rest of February!

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