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Workout Diary 2/6/12 - 2/12/12 (SuperSlow Zone)

10:38 AM, Feb 16, 2012   |    comments
SuperSlow Zone
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Monday, 2/6/12: Walk (3 miles) & Abs. I'm trying to beef up time on my feet without running too often too soon - that is a recipe for injury. Walking is a nice option to continue training for Boston. Plus then the puppy gets a workout. Abs Challenge is still going - did 150 double crunches.

Tuesday, 2/7/12: Yoga (60 minutes). I emceed the CSU Ram's Roundup tonight so kept the workout as non-sweaty as possible with yoga. Forgot to do my Abs. Dang.

Wednesday, 2/8/12: Run (5 miles). What a day. Probably one of the worst I've had in a very long time. It started at 7:36 a.m. when Kyle Dyer was bit by a dog live on the air. It was crazy after that: from helping her in the bathroom until paramedics arrived, going to the hospital after the show and also remembering I was bit by a dog as a kid. So many graphic images raced through my head all day. I brought my running clothes to work this morning because I had planned on running the Cherry Creek path after work. After Kyle went into a 3 hour surgery, there wasn't anything more I could do, so I ran. I usually listen to Today's Hits on Pandora, but my Enya station was already selected from our massages last Friday, so I kept it there. It was strange music to run to, but it fit perfectly for where I needed my head to be. It was cold, the creek was beautiful and the snow was sparkling under the sunlight. I prayed over and over during those 5 miles for my friend and I'm sure they will be answered. Kyle came through surgery with flying colors. She has a long healing ahead but will be just fine.

Thursday, 2/9/12: Swim (2300 yards) & Abs. Big time hangover from yesterday. We had a group counseling session at the station and that helped go over many of the emotions so many of us are feeling. We're sad for Kyle and we're mad about negative comments. We will all heal in time. I swam to think. I haven't seen her yet post-surgery and can't wait. I hear she looks "just like Kyle" which warms my heart. I did get the Abs in today: 60 reps of 4-ups.

Friday, 2/10/12: SuperSlow Zone. This is a very interesting concept - if you don't have time to work out for hours and hours, then this is your kind of place! It's located in the DTC off Bellview and they say just 1-2 visits each week and you'll notice huge changes in your body. Get this: each visit is just 20 minutes after the initial run through. The key is high intensity, low force exercise and it's performed... Super Slow :) I was shaking after most of the exercises and could feel my muscles working just as hard in each direction I was using the machine. Christie Taylor and her mom are on to something here and run the only SuperSlow Zone in Colorado. Check them out sometime. I mean really, who doesn't have 20 minutes twice a week? (No Abs today - did plenty at SSZ!)

PHOTOS: Susie Wargin works out at SuperSlow Zone

Saturday, 2/11/12: Run (12 miles). Yes it snowed. Yes it was in the teens but met up with the Runner's Edge Group for a group run and really enjoyed my time with my pace group. We ran north on the Highline Canal from the Colorado & Yale area. This afternoon I finally saw Kyle and she looks "Just like Kyle." She can't talk or eat solid food because her mouth is stitched mostly shut while her lip heals. So I brought Shamrock Shakes to her house and we conversed for a while: me with my mouth, her with the dry erase board. She's a very fast writer! It was so good to see her and share that time with her.

Sunday, 2/12/12: Bike Trainer (1 hour and 30 minutes). Tried to hit the trainer early before the family woke up and was able to catch up on Scrabble and read a couple articles in the latest Competitor magazine until my husband came into the basement and wanted to chat. So we chatted. The rest of the mag can wait until next week. For a third day in a row I didn't do my Abs Challenge. I see myself signing up in March again and making it a Lent thing :)

Tip for Week 7: Plan, plan, plan. Many good intentions from January 1st are probably falling aside. Get a planner and write down what you want to accomplish. Make it a priority to check it off your list!

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