Workout Diary 2/20/12 - 2/26/12

11:36 AM, Feb 29, 2012   |    comments
Running in the Loveland Lake 2 Lake Triathlon
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Hence the reason I took the day off Thursday. It is very hard for me to take a day off, but they are just as important as workout days for your body to stay healthy and be able to fight off cold & flu season. If you're Type A like me, please remember to treat yourself to a "nothing" day once in a while. You might feel guilty, but you will be better off in the long run.

I wasn't able to visit a new gym this week because of my work schedule. However, I did run someplace new and I highly recommend throwing in a change of scenery if you are an outdoor activist. Our daughter had a dance performance at the Butterfly Pavilion Saturday morning, then she volunteered with Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue in the afternoon. So I used those couple hours to run in Westminster and even though the wind was brutal, I really enjoyed being on new terrain. Plus I grew up in Broomfield, so I almost felt like I was running in my old hood - although SO much as changed!

How are your fitness goals coming? Have you signed up for anything yet? I'm in for a few things: Boston Marathon, Ride the RockiesElephant Rock and Loveland Lake 2 Lake Triathlon. I haven't looked beyond June yet :) As always, Email me or post a message through Facebook and Twitter if you have questions, comments and suggestions!

Tip to avoid munching at the "community/junk" table at work: Think to yourself: "Did I bring it. Is that mine?" The answer is no, so don't take any of it.

Monday, 2/20/12: Walk: 3 miles; Abs Challenge: Plank for 120 seconds
Tuesday, 2/21/12: Run: 7 miles; Abs Challenge: forgot for rest of week (crud)
Wednesday, 2/22/12: Swim: 2400 yards
Thursday, 2/23/12: Off Day.
|Friday, 2/24/12: Yoga: Home DVD
Saturday, 2/25/12: Run: 12 miles on Big Dry Creek Trail in Westminster
Sunday, 2/26/12: Bike: 1 hour spin on indoor trainer

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