BLOG: February: Not much running, but still training for Colfax Marathon

12:43 PM, Mar 8, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - I like to think big, but I'm also a realist. I wanted to run the full Colfax Marathon, but as the days went on in February it became apparent, that isn't going to happen. I look at my marathon plan and the mileage I should be doing and I'm not even in the ballpark. So the new and improved goal is 13.1 - a distance I love and hope I can complete on May 19.

The quick and dirty on why I'm not running: I ignored the warning signs of a shin splint and am pretty sure it became a stress fracture in early November. It's been a VERY long recovery process; getting old stinks.

However, I was able to do more in February than January. I have no pain in my shin but the muscles and tendons around it get sore sometimes. February also included a few days of "DVD only" training as part of a story/dare we did on the 9News Morning Show. We had to pick something that put us out of our comfort zone. Being restricted to only DVD's made me queasy. Surprisingly it wasn't that bad but by Day 5 I was over it. ?

I'm continuing to work on improving my strength and flexibility and can tell that is paying off. Weights are feeling lighter and the Ballet Physique moves are getting easier. My run/walks have been about 70/30 splits - a few minutes of running and a minute of walking. Building up to more running little by little.

As a Colfax Marathon Ambassador, I hope sharing my workouts is helpful. Whether you're in the same boat as me or need some other ideas and encouragement. Baby steps ... we can all get there with those!

Here's what my February looked like.

I'll keep you posted each week from here to the marathon. Good luck with your goals and hope you will join me at Colfax!

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