Magical music produced inside 'The Tank'

7:59 PM, May 19, 2013   |    comments
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RANGELY - An old watering tank in northwest Colorado is getting a lot of attention from national and international musicians.

Rangely is located about five hours away from Denver. When you drive in to town you are immediately greeted by a "Welcome to Rangely" sign, followed by the following:

"A good place to live," Barbara Wade said, finishing off the last line of the sign. "Then the next thing you see is the cemetery. I think it's kind of cool. You're just dying to come!" she joked.

All jokes aside, Rangely isn't really all that bland. It's full of wonderful people!

"Lots of good neighbors! Lots of nosey people," Wade continued to joke.

For 54 years Wade has called Rangely home. And for 30 of those years, she's helped watch over her neighbor.

"Yeah, I keep the keys," she said.

On top of a dusty hill, just across the street is her neighbor: The Tank.

The Tank has become a popular destination for vocal and sound artists. When you enter through its capsule, which is known as 'the portal,' you enter a different realm.

"They say the acoustics is unbelievable. No one can compete with it," Wade said.

The tank's condition had been deteriorating over the decades and there was concern it may have to close. That's when its followers decided to start a KickStarter campaign to raise $42,000 to save it. Within three weeks, they ended up raising $43,000.

Repairs and additions will be built on to the tank in the future. For now, it continues to produce amazing sounds and songs.

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