Retirement community residents start radio station

6:28 PM, Oct 27, 2013   |    comments
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CENTENNIAL - Who says you can't teach an old dogs new tricks? A couple of local DJ's would beg to differ. They're bringing back big band music and the classics. 

The residents at Holly Creek Retirement community started up radio station HCRK.

They're in their first few weeks, but they already have quite the lineup.

They have a sports show and comedy show. They air big band music and replay old shows.

"So people can go back and listen to the old show. [There's] a lot of reminiscing since the average age around here is 82," Dick Gustafson said.

They get their shows and music from residents who donate their collections.

But for the DJ's and residents of Holly Creek, it's more than just music and shows. It's a trip down memory lane.

"They bring back memories of things I haven't thought about in years. It's fun," Gustafson said.

Right now, it's not all glitz and glamour like show biz typically is. It's early mornings and long days.

"Right now I am a little tired. My wife said, 'Why don't you bring your bed over here'," Gustafson said.

Moving forward on HCRK, yes, the music and shows will help bring back memories - but they also play a part now in creating new ones.

To learn more about Holly Creek Retirement community go to:

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