Colorado companies help bring the Denver Broncos to the high-tech world

9:33 AM, Jan 21, 2014   |    comments
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KUSA - All of Colorado is celebrating because Peyton Manning is going to be leading the Denver Broncos into the Super Bowl on Feb. 2 in New York. On Tuesday, we'd like to cover a few start-ups who are doing great things in business, and who also work with the Broncos in a high tech way.

Scott Yates joined Gregg Moss to talk about them.

First we have Wayin, which is quickly becoming a valuable resource for businesses who want to make their social media something more than just a bunch of random status updates floating out in the ether. Wayin takes the best of a company's or industry's social media activity, filters out the noise, and breaks it down in a powerful way that's easy for clients to engage with and attach advertising to. The result is a significant boost in the business brand using the content being created by fans.

One example is a project Wayin did for the Denver Broncos, which saw many of the fans' tweets displayed on the big screen at Mile High during a game, along with advertisements.

It's a great company founded by the guy who sold Sun Microsystems, and run by a highly respected CEO in Elaine Wood.

Another high tech Colorado company working with the Broncos is Broadnet.

Broadnet provides a phone technology solution for anyone to reach out to any size audience over town-hall-style conference calls for any purpose, while providing data and insights about the listeners.

The company began doing work for politicians doing high-volume conference calls, but then added the functionality for the Denver Broncos, and eventually nearly all of the other NFL teams. Here's how it works: Broncos season ticket holders get exclusive access to phone calls with Broncos players and other team personnel through exclusive live conversations hosted on the Broadnet platform.

During this past season, one inspirational event was held for some of the Fort Carson troops who were stationed around the world on seven different bases. John Elway was on hand to answer their questions for an hour, which was a memorable experience for the men and women who serve our country.

And finally, we have to mention that Colorado technology companies are winning in their own niche Super Bowls.

The Colorado Technology Association reports that more than $1 billion in acquisitions happened in Colorado last year. That's a huge boost to the local economy.

As the report stated, "It's no wonder that Colorado's digital ecosystem is drawing more attention as a whole: the community's accomplishments demand it." Denver, Boulder and surrounding communities are growing because of the startups these areas have produced.

We're excited about the growth of the startups in Colorado, and it seems fitting that our very own Denver Broncos are in the Super Bowl this year. Stay tuned for more news on other successful Colorado startups, and hopefully in two weeks, we'll be celebrating a Denver Broncos Super Bowl victory!

This story was written by one of the writers at BlogMutt, a place to buy content for your blog. Scott Yates, founder of BlogMutt, picks the companies to be profiled. This week he wore his orange and blue BlogMutt shirt. Coincidence? Anyway, to suggest hot, tech startups for him to feature in future installments, contact him via his blog: Scott, or better yet go and pitch to one of the startup events in Denver or Boulder.

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