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6:14 PM, Jun 14, 2009   |    comments
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DENVER- YOUR SHOW received a few notes about a young man who shared his story on the show.

David Eaton was born with cerebral palsy and not a day goes by when he is reminded of what he can and cannot do.

Yet, his goal is to change your perspective of what it means to live with a disability and how he doesn't see his life more much different than yours.

Kathleen Springs wrote in from Lyons that she found his comments so uplifting and positive that they spoke to everyone. She wanted us to print his words up and put them on the Web site. (You can find them below)

Rodney from Northern Colorado also was moved by David's story. He said that his discussion on disabilities and his own challenges with CP was a memorable story. He hopes that we continue to involve those with Special Needs on our program in the future.

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David Eaton's "What's On Your Mind?" Story-as transcribed by 9NEWS reporter Ben McKee

"My mother was 13, my father was 21. They were too young to take care of me. I was told my disability go in the way. So I was adopted again into another home. That's where I got my name Eaton.

"The Arc has encouraged me to be positive with people. Because of my earlier life, I didn't know what love was. As I got older, people helped me deal with that. Maybe I don't have it, but maybe I can get that in some other way."

"I like to rock people's boats. I speak to people with and without disabilities. For me, I can tell you who's pushed me. For me, I had to be pushed from foster care, because i didn't get taken of in foster care. I had to be pushed to become independent. "

"Ben: When people ask you, what it's like living with a disability, what's your response? David: My response is, tell me. The reason I say tell me is because there is something in your life that you're struggling with. It may be that you're too smart, or too beautiful if you're a woman. It's what you struggle with in life. That's a disability. What is stopping you from getting where you need to be? For me, it's a wheelchair. But you can see that, I can't see yours."

"Ben: Does everybody have one? David: Yes. Everyone does. I have one because of the wheelchair. If you can't talk to people, maybe you're too shy. At that time, that's a disability. Number one thing they have to know is that even if they're in a wheelchair or having trouble talking or stuttering, that's not their disability. The true disability is what they allow themselves to be stopped by. That's their disability. Once they realize that's not really what's holding them back they can do whatever."

"There will be rocks in the road. Something that will stop them. But they have to be willing to deal with the pain to get to the other side. I encourage to build a group of friends. parents should encourage their kids to have dreams. And know that you're worth something."

"It doesn't matter what level you are iq-wise. Doesn't matter. Everybody has a place."

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