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1:42 PM, Jan 28, 2008   |    comments
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I am on the board of a small home owners association. Over the last four years that I have been on the board, I am always surprised when a homeowner shows up for the open forum before the meeting. However, I am not surprised when a home owner complains via a letter or email to the board about getting fined or having their dues raised.

Before my tenure on the board, we had at least 5 different kinds of siding between 33 different buildings. Some of it was in pretty sad shape. During our yearly meeting, we decided to replace all the siding on our buildings.

Unfortunately, the previous boards had let our reserves get too low for us to undertake this without a special assessment. The board gave the home owners the option of paying off the siding or financing it. Many took the payoff option, some did not. We worked hard to get the best deal and now have a very nice looking set of buildings that all match. We look like a community now.

Almost 4 years later, some of the home owners stop me on the street outside my home and say what a good idea it was, while others tell me that they feel very upset at the cost.

I would love to have those people on the board or at least at the home owners' forum so that they can see what we go through to keep our area looking good and keep the property values up without raising the dues to the point of our neighboring HOAs.

Pat Knoy

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