Viewer Comments: 5 year anniversary of Iraq

12:35 PM, Mar 19, 2008   |    comments
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The following are viewer comments about the 5 year anniversary of the US invading Iraq.  Some of the comments were featured on 9News at Noon on March 19.

I completely support our troops and what they are doing over there. Terrorist have for years been committing atrocities against so many and with little to no reprisal from anyone. The stronger have to stand untied to help protect the right to life of the weaker. Let us never forget that what happened to us on September 11th is something that hit us hard; it's also something that others have to live with on a daily basis.
Stephanie Walborn

We must continue to fight for our freedom and safety and justice for the world. These items are not just given to us, but earned.
God Bless our servicemen & woman for the service of us all!

As the mother of a son who served in Afghanistan, right after 9/11 and Iraq, during the start of the war, I must say that to-date I am a little unhappy that the war continues. I fully understand WHY we got involved but just as in Vietnam (my husband served during that war), we can't seem to make much progress and the killing and dying still goes on. It seems to me that when it comes to more recent wars, the United States doesn't just go in and get the job done and come home. Please don't get me wrong - I'm very proud of the service my father (World War II and Korea), husband and son have given to this country. Since the Korean conflict, we have gone into other "conflicts" and can't or don't get the job done and come home. Personally, I feel it's "politics as usual".

I have no doubts about the War in Iraq. Eliminating Sadaam Hussein (a big WMD) was a big first step. I believe that we need to stay in Iraq until the country stabilizes. A stabilized Middle East is necessary for World Peace. I would; however, like to see Iraq paying for our costs to stay there. If Iraq won't pay our costs, then leave and let the Civil War begin, but keep Iran from entering the fray. I fear that Americans have lost their resolve to do what is needed to preserve our Freedom. I am convinced that the terrorists have not lost their resolve to attack America. Carl in Parker
My son was there In Iraq when the war started.
He was a Marine 1st expeditionary unit, forward arming and refueling.
5 years later he is preparing for his third trip. This time he will be in the same unit as his new bride.
I am so proud of them both! And I believe in what they are doing.

I believe what we are doing in Iraq is for the best and support the war in its entirety. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why all of the Democrats are so eager to the United States lose. From all of their statements across the U.S. it appears the Democrat party has no faith in our country or our troops. I also cannot figure out why all of the women's lib groups are not praising President Bush for freeing millions of women from the tyranny of dictators who believe that women are less than. I want America to prevail and win and I believe that anyone who wants otherwise is Anti-American.
Christie Mariano

I served in Iraq and I feel as though the war itself is worth the sacrifice. I feel the expense of contractors in Iraq is the only problem that draws on the minds of American people. The operation I believe would be more successful if the equipment and materials were manufactured prior to the buildup and utilized and administered by strictly the military.

Once there was one Saddam in Iraq. Now there are 50 Saddams running Iraq with brutality. Wake up, media!
Stephen B

My thoughts,
Iraq War predictable..! Long, sleeping Now..! Hiding, preparing..
I want to see Great leaders of Iraq... Honestly, truthfully accept,
Shiite's, Sunni's Kurd's..! Are they prepared for acceptance..?(forgiveness, understanding)...?
I think not.!
The Iraq war was predictable..! I think this has happened in history before..?
Robert G. McKnight

My name is Odessa and I think that the war in Iraq needs to come to an end. Many of US soldiers are loosing there lives and it not only effects them but there families as well. In my opinion both sides need to come to an agreement and stop the war. It has gone too far.

I knew if the war keeps going we would have a recession. Are people really
so blind not to realize what the war is doing to the economy of the United States.
The spending on the military is going to break the U.S. or have financial setbacks
for years to come.
Charles Vigil

I think we should hang in there and be patient. The media doesn't always show the true picture. Our military are doing an awesome job. I thank the Lord for our service men and women. Thank you also for this opportunity.
Terri in Grand Junction

As Americans we are spoiled. We have had relative peace on our soil for so long that as a whole we don't understand what it was like to be under the regime of Sadaam Hussein. He killed so many, many people and they were buried without so much as a second thought. The Iraqi people suffered beyond our understanding/appreciation under his dictatorship.

Americans seem to think that we are special and protected from the terror that happens in other countries. But what we forget is that it is because of God's protection and the willingness of our brave men and women to serve in very dangerous countries to keep the terrorists out of our country. We are obviously not immune to terrorist attacks but we have such short-term memories that when the war wasn't over in the time frame we expected we have lost sight of what happened (both 9/11 and to the Iraqi people) and what could happen.
Many positive things have happened in Iraq. Although they still have violence in the streets, they are a free people today because of the courage of our government and other allies. Big businesses (VISA, Fedex, General Electric, etc.) are moving in and setting up business. Petroleum companies are already sending in surveying crews to help the
Iraqi's update their oil wells. Someday Iraq will be exporting millions (maybe even billions) of barrels of oil each day. Economically this is great for Iraq and the world. Nothing worth gaining ever happens overnight. I suspect within the next 10 years we won't even recognize Iraq. It will be on the forefront of wealth and technology thanks to the help of the United States and other allies willing to stand up for the Iraqi people.
Have we made mistakes? You bet. But overall the U.S. and Iraq will be better off in the long run. But only if we have courage to stick it out until it is wise for us to come home.

-Peg Mason
Westminster, CO

We cannot abandon the gains we have made. Osama has said over and over again they will win if we withdraw. They can become martyrs only if they win the war. 42,0000 die on the highways every year in the U.S. and 4, 000 have died in Iraq. What a skilled group of men & women, let them win the war and stop tying their hands by cutting troops.

After 5 years in a war that was thought to be only months or a year or two long at the most, I cannot believe anyone would vote for McCain and keep a Republican in the White House!

.. And billions of dollars wasted for what? Absolutely nothing. This whole 'war' was based upon half-truths and deceit by Bush and his cronies. There were never weapons of mass-destruction in Iraq, the ties to 9/11 unfounded. Those who are 'running' our country continue to lie to the American people and do as they please – with no concern for loss of life or mental and physical anguish on those who fight the battle and wait in the US while their loved ones are fighting. Now, they are using all the same lies they did with Iraq for Iran.
When will this stop? It disgusts me to no end knowing that this tyranny of political greed is ruling where our American lives and dollars are spent, for no good reason. Our own country has plenty of problems that need tending to – like lack of quality education and reasonably-priced healthcare for all. Bush and his boys prefer to scare our citizens with untrue threats of nuclear war over honest political power that would actually benefit our country and citizens.
I look forward to a change in the way things are going – for the better. Let peace be the United States new plan of 'attack'. And as I type this, I hear jets flying overhead from Buckley in training. I hope they don't have to lose their lives for 'nothing'.
Sarah E
Denver, CO

It has gone on way to long and the cost's of the war has
broken the American economy and we need to let Iraq and
the other mid east countries handle their problems..

When I heard the news, I wasn't surprised; I knew it was about Bush and his revenge on Hussein for his attempts to murder his "daddy." I didn't see any connection to the 9/11 attacks then, and I still don't today. We still don't have the man behind the terrorist attacks (Osama Bin Laden).
Carolyn Ferber

I think we were duped in to believe in weapons of mass destruction to go into Iraq. We only went to secure oil and God only knows what else. Definitely not for humanitarian reasons otherwise we would be in Tibet also throwing the Chinese out... I think President Bush is one of the worst Presidents ever, he has more then tippled and quadrupled the National Debt, he has weakened our country and economy. On top of that he calls himself Conservative and Christian? How long are voters going to go for these hollow statements? Now he leaves the mess to be cleaned up by someone else. America has never learned from it's mistakes in the middle east. We need to become energy independent, ream in export and import, boost American Manufacturing and stop trying to run the world. It never works and we should stop thinking that we have Universal Truth and knowledge. FG

This was an illegal and immoral war to begin with. By doing what we've done makes us no better than any other rogue nation.
However, having said that, now that we are there it would be irresponsible for us to just leave. If that were to happen Iraq would end up swimming in the blood of it's citizens. Disengagement is going to be much more difficult than the original invasion but it is our moral responsibly to put an effective government in place before we exit. In my opinion that will like take 20 years or more. No one wants to hear that but we, as a nation, acted irresponsibly by getting into Iraq, and we must now pay the price for our rash actions.
Two wrongs (getting in in the first place, and then just leaving) to the families and children of Iraq will not make it right.

What constitutes a waste? One could say, and, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, be correct if they point out the war in Iraq. There was an interesting story in the press recently about a father who lost his son in the Iraq War. His thoughts were along the line that if we, meaning the United States government, did not continue to prosecute the war vigorously, we would be denigrating his son's memory. How interesting. With that type of reasoning in force, as an operating rule, we would still be engaged in Viet Nam and the sacrifice there would easily top over 100,000 dead by this time. Does anyone see the sense of that? This country, based on faulty intelligence from an agency known for providing excuses, not hard facts, goes into a war on all the wrong grounds. We dispose of a ruler that abhorred the very basis of the extremist Muslims as a threat to his reign. We opened the country to a devastating civil war by our failure to provide enough troops to dominate the fallen civil forces of Iraq. Worse, our continued failure to either commit totally and rule the country or get out, saps our military forces and exposes us as a failure to the world community.
If this country had tried to operate the same way in World War II, as it has in Iraq, there is a better than even chance the Third Reich might just be around still. The war was started for the wrong reasons, it was not conducted in a manner to assure civil order after the fall of the government, and the troop levels are still way below what is required to control Iraq today. Has the U.S. the will to see this out? Then a full mobilization of the armed forces, the return of the draft, and possibly rationing of strategic materials needs to commence immediately. This government would need at least 500,000 to 750,000 boots on the ground in Iraq to seize control of the borders, strip the country of weapons, rebuild infrastructure, and guarantee civilian peace. It is that or get out.
Bill Clay

We should end the war NOW & bring our troops home. It was George Bush's mistake five years ago & it is still is mistake today.

A war we never should have been involved. There were no weapons of destruction, only deceit as to getting there. Most every foreign nation now hates us. Many families have lost a loved one. Gas is $4/gal. Our economy seems to revolve around oil and is at a slump. Everything costs more than we can comfortably afford including necessities like food and utilities. Is this irreparable I wonder?

As I type this out I can only imagine how difficult it must be for those families that actually have someone out fighting this war that doesn't seem to make much sense anymore.
Five years already? Where has the time gone? Five years and so many lives lost, forgotten by most who don't have someone out there. Five years worth of children left without a mom or dad. Five years worth of parents that have lost a son or daughter. Five years worth of friends, laughter, memories that could've happened had these lives not been cut short. A lifetime of memories for those who will no longer be able to build them. Five years worth of training those who are still brave enough to want to fight for our country. Five years that will never be the same. Five years worth of dreams. Don't give up on those dreams. Dulline

5 years ago it was clear we need to go into Iraq, and rid this world of a horrible dictator and any possible Weapons of mass destruction he possessed. That Dictator was removed from power and no WMD were located, Mission accomplished. It pains me as a devoted Republican to say this, but President Bush should have, with the exception of a small training force, ordered our troops out of Iraq 3 years ago after the capture and execution of Saddam Hussien, there is no longer a need to be there, and our domestic issues need the resources, financing and attention now. President Bush MUST find a way to lower gas prices, stop illegal immigration and fix the economy (can you imagine what the billions of dollars we are spending in Iraq can do for our economy?) - However he has one vision, and one goal - make Iraq subservient to the USA, it needs to end now
Donn Dunlavy

I remember when the war started--my son was an infant. I was rocking him to sleep when the President came on the TV. & I started to crying because I was afraid this would continue and become a situation my son would have to deal with. I am still afraid that we will be there when he turns 18 & the US will institute a draft. I am very angry that we are still there in Iraq. I feel that the US govt has betrayed it's citizens and this has all been about making the rich, richer while I am struggling to make ends meet.
Holly, Arvada

We have been there five years, yes, there has been progress. Look how many American Lives have been lost. It is time the Iraq's took over their own country and governed themselves. If we stay there, I think they will use us as a crutch.
Mary Young
Denver, CO

THE crime of the century.
Bush must be held responsible

For me the five year anniversary signifies why war should be avoided at all costs. This war was avoidable, and most dutifully unnecessary. While draining the US treasury of billions of dollars every month, the reasons for the war don't seem to add up. Weapons of Mass Destruction, Sadam's supposed link to 9/11, bringing democracy to a people that don't want it, with all the ever changing reasons for an unnecessary war it's more obvious than ever that this war is and will continue to be a mistake. For anyone with reservations about leaving Iraq, just ask yourself one question. Do the Iraqi's really want a democracy?
David Gingrich

I think it is time for all our children to come home to their families, if the war is not over after 5years do we really believe that it will ever be over.
Diantha Hancock

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