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Your Show Inbox-Brian Tilson-March 23, 2008

11:46 AM, Mar 23, 2008   |    comments
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I saw your show on adopting cleaner emissions standards for vehicles in Colorado and there was not a single word mentioned about motorcycles and how they are much more energy efficient, produce less pollution and are also less destructive to our roads. You have completely ignored one of the most cost efficient and obvious solutions to the problem we face.

Given all the discussion recently about greener vehicles, road maintenance, higher fuel costs etc. Some consideration needs to be given to the use of motorcycles as a Viable solution to all of these issues. The government provides tax breaks for the affluent people that can afford to buy a new hybrid car or SUV however these cars are just as hard on the roads as any other vehicle.

Motorcycles on the other hand are not only affordable to the average consumer, they use less gas, produce less pollution and are not nearly as hard on our roadways as a typical car or SUV. While there are seasonal issues regarding the use motorcycles as a primary mode of transportation, if more people rode motorcycles for just a few months a year it would go a long way towards solving many of the problems we face regarding our roadways and environment.

Why do we not provide tax incentives to motorcycles? why do we not encourage the use of motorcycles as a viable solution to many of these problems we face? Why aren't motorcycles given the same tax incentives we provide to hybrid cars when they are a much better solution to the problems we face regarding these issues?

Brian Tilson

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